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Discover digital assistants/bots that can assist you while on the move,
based on your location, activities, and lifestyle.

Sesano: A Mobile platform for AI Digital Asstistants

Discover digital assistants that can assist you with the information or service you need while on the move.

Have you done a google search and thought, "I wish I could talk to someone instantaneously to find out more specific information about this topic?".

We are currently crowdfunding in the Virgin Media Voom Competition 2018. Help us raise sufficient funds to further develop Sesano. Please follow the link below, to vote our business Cosesano and pledge any amount in exchange for some rewards such as your own Digital assistant like Amazon Alexa, and Siri and also free unlimited plugin/addon to advance your AI.


What is a Digital Assistant?

A Digital Assistant is a computer program designed to offer domain-specific information/services while imitating human conversational interaction via text or speech.

Join us as we transform Sesano into the only platform where you can interact with several domain-specific digital assistants simultaneously to conveniently get the information/services you need in less time and hassle-free, from your smartphone.

The platform will give digital assistants/bots and their developers the ability to leverage the power of the mobile platform to solve a real-world problem. Developers, businesses, and hobbyists can develop and publish their own digital assistant to provide information and services in various sector/industries, such as entertainment, customer service, hospitality, finance and more.

On the platform, there is a personal digital assistant which can only provide personal services to you and can also connect you to several other digital assistants that can provide any information or service you require.

Why Is Sesano Different From The Rest?

Get the information you need in less time and hassle while mobile and on the move.

  • Discoverability: Discover digital assistants/bots that can assist you while on the move, based on your location, activities, and lifestyle.
  • Privacy & Availablity: Digital assistants/bots can run offline on a smartphone without internet access, providing 24 hours availability with limited information. And private data are processed & stored locally on a smartphone and not over the internet/server, providing a better security to your data.
  • Monetisation: Offers well-defined monetization channels that developers or businesses can select to easily start making money from their digital assistant/bot
  • Zero Coding Required: With a simple drag and drop, you can start developing your own digital assistant. No coding is required at all, you just need to be able to create rich conversational interaction.

Current Top Features:

1. Engage in a two-way conversation or dialogue.
2. Access device functions and launch installed apps.
3. Learn new facts and also learn about you.
4. Play songs and videos.
5. Send feature request.
6. Search and open websites.
7. Access news, weather and time information.
8. Search for pictures and videos.
9. Inbuilt dictionary and definitions with over 240k words.
10. Switch from personal assistant to different bots/surrogate.
11. Set alarm and reminders.
12. Staying in touch: Calls and Text messages.
13. Schedule calendar appointment and events.

Call for BETA testers.

Help make Sesano a smarter and useful to everyone.The purpose of publishing the Beta version is to collect early user feedback and also track and fix any possible bugs while heading towards the final version.

What is BETA testing?
Beta testing is the process of making a product available for testing by real customers in their real environment prior to it's release.

Why do a Beta test?
For us the product developer, testing helps us achieve a higher quality product and improve customer satisfaction. And for you the customer, beta testing offers a unique and exciting opportunity to be a part of the product development lifecycle and help improve it.

What to do, to participate?
Anyone is welcomed to participate. It is simple and fun, just download and interact with Sesano for as long as you desire. When done, just complete the survey below and join our Google Plus Community to connect and share your experience with us and other Beta testers.

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